The reception to the critically acclaimed horror film It Follows has inspired Radius-TWC to opt for a theatrical release prior to the movie's scheduled VOD debut.

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Acquired by The Weinstein Co.'s Radius after it's 2014 debut at the Cannes Film Festival, It Follows is slowly becoming this year's biggest horror film. Much like 2014's The Babadook, the film has been gaining a lot of traction via social media and word of mouth.

According to The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, It Follows had the best New York and Los Angeles' premieres this month since Paranormal Activity.

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So what is It Follows? And why is it terrifying audiences?

The "it" from the title can take many forms. An old woman. A parent. A child. It won't stop following you, no matter how you try to hide. There is only one way to get rid of this terrifying stalker: pass It on to someone else through sex.

The rules are simple and the tropes familiar, harkening back to the themes of John Carpenter's classic horror movie Halloween.

Directed by David Robert Mitchell, the indie flick stars Maika Monroe as Jay, who finds herself stuck with the world's worst STD as she falls victim to It. Of course her friends don't believe she is being followed and at first she's not so sure either, but soon Jay begins to realize that this thing will continue to hunt her no matter how she tries to hide.

The origin of It doesn't matter, nor does the logic behind its transmission. The film pinpoints one's inherit paranoia and fear to create a dark, vivid, and memorable horror experience.

It Follows will hit 1,200 theatres across the country on Friday, March 27.