In Hollywood, it's virtually impossible to keep a secret. But for the producers of the critically-acclaimed horror anthology series American Horror Story, it's an impressive talent that they have seemingly mastered. So far, information on the fifth installment of Ryan Murphy's creepy FX series, American Horror Story: Hotel, is just now starting to trickle in. With comeback girl Lady Gaga joining the cast and Emmy-winning franchise player Jessica Lange's status on the show up in the air, the buzz surrounding the show, set to premiere October 2015, has been growing. EnStars details what we know so far about American Horror Story: Hotel.

That Hotel? Not A Place You Want To Check In
Through the many incarnations of the American Horror Story franchise, we've witnessed a family home haunted and terrorized by ghosts led by a latex bondage suit-clad killer spirit (2011's Murder House); a beyond disturbing 1960's institution for the mentally insane (2012-2013's Asylum); a mystical boarding school for witches (2013-2014's Coven); and a cringe-worthy traveling revue featuring a roster of outcasts and undesirables (2014-2015's Freak Show). According to reports, Hotel may include a satanic cult, unsavory, on-the-take politicians, and secret societies, amongst other weird, head-covering storylines. Fun times.

Lady Gaga Is Running Things
There will be no twisted musical numbers for singer, songwriter, and pop exhibitionist Lady Gaga in the mode of Freak Show. Instead, Tumblr posted some info on the "Paparazzi" superstar's involvement. Gaga is set to appear in at least three seasons of American Horror Story. More specifically, she will take on the role of a "beautiful, strange, yet sophisticated heiress who runs a hotel and will do whatever it takes to keep it up and running, regardless of the tragic and disturbing events that have taken place there." Hmmm...

Going Back To Cali
After the last installment of AHS spent some chilling, bloody time in Jupiter, Florida, of all places, Hotel will be making a return to the land of celebrities, Scientology, and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles: Los Angeles. This move is similar to the home base of Murder House, which should produce some very scenic, intriguing possibilities.

The Rest Of The Cast Is Filling Up Nicely
Gaga needn't worry about nailing her first high profile television role. She will have some talented thespians making her adjustment on the set so more easier. Joining the small screen newbie will be American Horror Story alum that include Chloe Sevigny (Asylum), Wes Bently, and Matt Bomer (Freak Show). Fresh blood includes 30 Rock and Glee's Cheyenne Jackson, but the question on everyone's mind is: Will standout Jessica Lange make a return? More on that below.

Ms. Lange Could Be Back...Maybe
Yes, fans of American Horror Story were spooked that scene-chewing favorite Jessica Lange was reportedly leaving the show that revitalized her storied career. "I've had a great run here. I have absolutely loved to play these four characters that I've had the opportunity to play," she said at PaleyFest. "I love the writers, my actors, and Ryan and the whole insanity of cut to the chase, no." But not so fast. Various news outlets have run with rumors that Lange, who has appeared in every AHS, could be part of the season premiere and finale episodes of season 5. We can only dream...but no nightmares, please.