For all the Britain's Got Talent fans who love dogs, this might be one of the best seasons yet.

Simon Cowell Gets Hypnotized By A Dog In 'Freaky' Moment On 'Britain's Got Talent'

On Saturday, Telly Mix shared some details about the reality competition that will begin its new season next weekend. There will apparently be some crazy pooch acts taking place, one of them including a dog that can ride a scooter with its owner.

There will also be a pup that can apparently talk.

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Not to mention, there is supposed to be a dog that can do one of the most intense acts that the show has ever seen- hypnotism.

According to Hollywood Life, the dog named Princess was on stage where Simon Cowell, one of the show's judges, was brought on to go under the spell. Something happened where Cowell ended up going back to his seat and he supposedly told his fellow judges that he wasn't feeling too well. He then dropped his head on the table. This led Princess to do whatever needed to be done to wake him back up.

A source who works on the show said, "It was the freakiest moment we've ever had."

The site mentioned that the competition's hosts Ant & Dec were also hypnotized by the little animal.

While dogs will be making some epic history on the series, there will also be some other unique acts taking place. Telly Mix mentioned there would be a human slinky as well as roller-skating siblings.