Britain's Got Talent reportedly witnessed one of the most bizarre events that anyone from the series has ever faced.

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On Monday, Hollywood Life posted details on auditions that recently took place where a hypnotist came on stage to put America's favorite judge Simon Cowell under a spell. Apparently, it seemed to really work, which might be a surprise for some with Cowell's reputation of being pretty difficult to impress.

But not only did the hypnotism seem to work, but it actually wasn't a person with skills who put the judge in a dream was a dog who hypnotized him.

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That's right- a dog.

The site gave a little more detail on what happened; it was mentioned that Cowell went on the stage where he went toe to toe with the German Spitz named Princess. It didn't say exactly what happened through the trance, but the judge apparently went back to the table where he told his fellow judges that he wasn't feeling too great. He then let his head fall to the table for a few moments when the dog had to do whatever needed to be done to wake Cowell back up.

A source who works on the show said, "It was the freakiest moment we've ever had."

It sounds like this little pooch really knows how to work the hypnotist magic since the site pointed out that the reality competition's hosts Ant & Dec also went under Princess's radar.