It might have taken awhile but K. Michelle seems to be firing more shots at Tamar Braxton after the Let Me Know singer had a breakdown over being bullied by the Love Em All singer.

History Of K. Michelle & Tamar Braxton's Beef & What Really Started It 'She Tweeted I Was Lying'

She shared a snapshot of herself rocking a shirt that read "bully" in the front. She also showed off the back via Instagram early Friday morning. It reads, "Deez N----" with a peace sign.

She then kept the caption simple with a peace sign as well along with "HA".

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See the picture here.

Fans seemed to think K. Michelle's shirt was a statement and the latest dig at Braxton.

One wrote, "Tamar Braxton will cry about this now".

Another simply added, "Got em".

A third fan commented with, "Shots fired #bangbang".

Another follower dissed Braxton themselves and wrote, "I've never laughed so hard. I would've made the same shirt. No one feels bad for her. She's always talking greasy on that sack show ['The Real']."

This isn't the first time K. Michelle has addressed Braxton's claims that she was bullying her. Just hours after Braxton cried about K. Michelle and Chris Brown calling her a muppet, K. Michelle took to her Twitter to respond.

She wrote on March 25, "Every action warrants a retain. You can't go and start a fight with someone then when they reply cry and play victim.

While on The Real, Braxton made it clear that she is still dealing with bullying. She cried as she said one of the worst comments that she has received is being compared to a muppet.

Check it out.