Fans who were saddened by Amish Mafia's coming to an end last month may want to dry their tears after explosive allegations that the reported series finale was actually fake and it is going to come back with another season in the future.

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Former star Esther Schmucker, who left the series after its third season and refused to participate in the latest episodes, took to Facebook after the finale aired, venting her frustrations that footage shot of her two years prior was still being used--and accused the show of faking the promotion that it would be their last season.

I have been trying to respectfully let the issues go with Discovery and Hot Snakes Media, but I am so sick and tired of...

Posted by Esther Schmucker on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"I have been trying to respectfully let the issues go with Discovery and Hot Snakes Media, but I am so sick and tired of them continuing to air footage of me that was shot back in the summer of 2013 already (Two Years Ago) and that footage was outside where their Lancaster office was," she wrote in an April 1 post. "In January, they had made a request with an offer that they wanted John and I to come back and shoot with them for continuity reasons for their final season, (which isn't their final season either, its just another plot) and we refused. Which I guess it made them mad that we refused to cooperate with them simply for their own benefit."

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"They needed to rewrite their entire Final Season due to four of us no longer filming with them," she continued. "I have not filmed anything with them since 2013. So whatever footage anyone sees of me now just know its two year old footage and they simply put it into this season because they had to come up with some kind of logical excuse as to why we are all of a sudden no longer on the show. Since they know actually telling the truth would ruin their credibility as a production company."

Schmucker also repeated her allegations that the show was fake as a whole, something she initially alluded to when she officially announced she wouldn't return last year.

"I had helped them produce Amish Mafia, Breaking Amish (the original series) create story notes for both, get them wardrobe attire, did casting along with another girl for Breaking Amish: LA, I cast over half of the Breaking Amish cast members and the Amish Mafia cast," she wrote. "And the only IBM credit they gave me was for producing Breaking Amish, they said they couldn't give me credit for any of the other work I did because then it would cause the show/shows to look fake. I really wasn't going to put them out there like that but I am infuriated that they can't leave me off their show, and continue to take advantage and air some bs that was filmed two years ago."

Her accusations that the show has not in fact aired its final season will likely bring fans some joy, because new episodes would once again see the return of Lebanon Levi, who was officially shunned and no longer allowed to be the head of Amish Aid anymore after his out of wedlock child with an English girlfriend was revealed to the Bishop during the last episode.

No one from the show has officially spoken up about her allegations, though Alan Beiler did respond to her claims she helped produce the show when a fan addressed it on his Facebook page.

"Ok confused Esther said it was who was it! She also said she is responsible for the show Breaking Amish!" a fan commented on a post Beiler made on April 2.

"Don't believe everything you hear its time to get the story straight," Beiler replied.