The final episode of Amish Mafia is finally here, and the ending could prove to be the most shocking part of the entire series.

5 Ways 'Amish Mafia' Could End

After four seasons of defending his place as the head of Amish Aid, fighting off attacks from Merlin, Wayne, Esther, Alan and Doug, Levi could see his whole empire crumble thanks to a discovery Caleb makes in the March 31 series finale.

In a sneak peek clip of the finale, Caleb talks about helping a man he met in a bar's sick horse, and while trying to help cure the horse of its ailments, he manages to find something surprising-illegal drugs stuffed inside of it-and this discovery will be what helps him take Levi down once and for all.

Doug Makes A Desperate Attempt To Defeat Levi

"There's drugs in this horse! Levi's guys sold a horse with drugs in it!" he says in the clip.

And though it is explained that the Amish are usually ignored by the police, and are able to get away with smuggling illegal drugs as a result, that won't likely be the case for Levi, who Caleb is ready to turn in.

"It's a good thing we got the drugs out of this horse, she's going to be fine," he says. "But Levi on the other hand? Levi's going to pay. And here's my golden ticket."

And while he works to possibly take down Levi, Alan has decided to focus on Doug-who broke his promises he made and called Alan a derogatory term. Now that Alan has gotten his revenge by blowing up Doug's home, he knows that he has nothing left-and the Mennonite Rebel will leave Lancaster once and for all.

"Doug's had some really hard times here in Lancaster," he says. "Everything that he holds dear has been destroyed. His cars, his weapons, and now his house. Doug is a broken man, he's washed up, he's done. I guarantee you, we won't be seeing him again."

The Amish Mafia series finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Discovery.

Sneak Peek: Doug Is Done

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Posted by Amish Mafia on Tuesday, March 24, 2015