They've been the subjects of a lot of controversy since first appearing on TV 2 ½ years ago, but the endless drama and corruption facing the members of the Amish Mafia have officially come to an end.

Alan & Caleb Take Down Doug & Levi

The show aired its series finale on March 31, ending after four seasons which provided a controversial inside look into those who reportedly safeguard the Amish community and prevent corrupting influences from upsetting the balance of things, while also exposing some hidden and buried truths inside the religious sect as well.

The show has often been criticizes for what it has shown, with most of the action being condemned as false, while the individual members of the cast have all been exposed over the years as not being genuine members of the Amish community.

5 Ways 'Amish Mafia' Could Have Ended

Regardless though of whether the show was entirely fake or actually had a few moments of truth, there's no denying that there were some significant and shocking moments that appeared on TV screens throughout the seasons. Here are 6 of the most surprising moments throughout the show's short history.

1. What Happened To Caleb? (S2, E8)

At the end of season 2, things weren't looking so good for Caleb, Levi's newest crew member, who was Brethren. When he refused to stop seeing the bishop's daughter, Levi had his fellow men take the issue on by luring Caleb away in an ominous scene where they appeared to be preparing to severely beat him. Caleb was later revealed to be okay-but his relationship was never mentioned again.

2. Levi's Big Secret Exposed (S3, E5)

Levi and Esther's up-and-down romance seemed to finally be headed down the right path after she expected his proposal. But Alvin screwed things up big time when he let slip to Esther that Levi went off to Atlantic City. When she then also turned up in the city and saw Levi with an English girl in his hotel room, all hell broke loose.

3. Esther's Nightmare (S3, E6)

Esther Schmucker's issues with domestic violence became a front and center issue before the 3rd season premiered, when her English boyfriend was revealed to have beaten her severely. The situation was worked into the show (though the story about what happened was partially altered to fit in with the storyline about Levi's betrayal). The moment was one of the times when the show chose to embrace an actual issue affecting many families, Amish or not, and revealed that even Amish women aren't safe from scary and horrifying situations.

4. The Cast All Quits (S3, E7)

Following a series of explosive episodes, the entire cast appears to revolt against the camera crew and producers when they decide they made a mistake by letting the English into their lives and filming them. Though it was only the season 3 finale, the show was being touted as potentially never coming back. In the end, several members of the cast chose not to return for the fourth and final season, though Levi, Caleb, Alan and Merlin did all return alongside some new faces.

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5. Merlin & Mary Get Hitched (S4, E8)

The series finale tied up a lot of loose ends and made some interesting revelations-including the one where Merlin and Mary were revealed to have gotten married! The news came after Mary worried Merlin might try and shun her and would end their romance when she expressed a desire to see an English doctor and have weight loss surgery performed on herself.

6. Levi Is Shunned & Is Officially Removed As Head Of The Mafia (S4, E8)

Caleb thought he had the golden ticket necessary to take down Levi when he found evidence he might be caught up in a drug trafficking ring. But when that proved to be unsuccessful, he managed to find something else out-Levi had an English girlfriend-and a baby! Caleb took this information to the Bishop, and as a result, Levi was shunned-making for the most unexpected reason for why he would no longer be in charge.

The End for Levi

It's all over.

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