The season finale of ABC's addictive drama series Secrets and Lies is just days away, and finally, the answers everyone has been waiting for concerning just who killed little Tom Murphy will be revealed.  

Will 'Secrets and Lies' Be Picked Up For A Second Season?

The season has been following prime suspect Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe), who was also Tom's father, as he delved into the personal lives of all of his neighbors and his loved ones, trying to find out who was capable of committing murder--and now, the culprit may have finally been revealed. 

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead. If you have not watched the April 26 episode, do not proceed.  

Fans learned in the penultimate episode that despite her best efforts at proving otherwise, Detective Andrea Cornell has come to terms with the fact that Ben may not have killed his son--and has realized that his murderer is actually a female. And though the show hasn't officially named the person she now believes is guilty, Cornell is convinced she finally has her killer. 

So who could be the person responsible for ending young Tom Murphy's life? Here are our 6 theories for the most likely culprits (and the likelihood they're actually the murderer): 

1. Christy Crawford (KaDee Strickland) 

Ben's wife had the ultimate motive for the crime, which occurred on the very same night that she finally learned the truth about Ben's affair with Tom's mother. Though Ben himself didn't know yet that Tom was his son, Christy may have figured it out and lured the little boy away for revenge.  

Likelihood she's responsible: Though she may have a very strong motive, it was also revealed that Christy had a secret boyfriend who she was supposed to have been with the night of the murder (even though he revealed that 30 minutes of her time were unaccounted for). Because she has already moved on and is divorcing Ben with the intent of keeping his daughters away from him, she probably didn't take things an extra step further. 

2. Natalie Crawford (Indiana Evans) 

Ben's eldest daughter proved to be very capable of lying early on in the show, and would have had easy access to Tom because she baby-sat him. 

Likelihood she's responsible: Despite her earlier attitude, Natalie has done a complete 180 throughout the course of the season and has since seemed more sympathetic to her father's plight. Even if she still had some of that original attitude, it could just be chalked up to typical teenaged surliness.  

3. Nicole (Meaghan Rath) 

Tom's aunt was having a secret relationship with the man who was previously believed to be Tom's father, Scott, and she has seemed to be a bit shady anytime she's been on screen since.  

Likelihood she's responsible: The show is unlikely to have such a minor character revealed as the murderer (she's only been in a handful of the episodes), and if she truly was falling in love with Scott, she wouldn't likely try to hurt him by taking his son away, with the truth about him belonging to Ben coming out after the murder.  

4. Jess Murphy (Natalie Martinez) 

Tom's mother was the last person anyone would have suspected until the truth about her came out in the penultimate episode. Her secret history of bipolar behaviors and violent tendencies was revealed, as was the fact that she owned the blue jacket that Cornell considered a key piece of evidence in the case. Plus, she had that creepy urn with the remains of her daughter who died of SIDS.  

Likelihood she's responsible: She is actually quite a bit crazy, and seems a little obsessed with Ben, but she loved her son. Unless the show plays it off that she killed him while in a violent and uncontrollable rage, she doesn't seem likely to be the one who killed her son.  

5. Abby Crawford (Belle Shouse) 

There is so much potential motive for Ben's younger daughter that he wouldn't ever think of because he was convinced that whoever killed Tom was trying to frame him for the murder. Not only is Abby fiercely protective of her father and jealous of the time Tom got to spend with him, she overheard the fight Christy and Ben had on that fateful night, and could have very easily convinced Tom to follow her into the woods.  

Likelihood she's responsible: She's the odds-on favorite to be revealed as the murderer (especially since her counterpart character in the original Australian series was the culprit). Chances are high she may have been the one responsible this time as well, with the show seeming to set it up for the big reveal.  

6. Someone Else 

The show could of course try to find a way to truly throw the entire fanbase for a loop and toss in a random person who they've never seen and pin the murder on them. Though it would seem a bit like a cop-out to fans who became invested in the core pre-existing characters, it would definitely keep people talking. 

Likelihood of this possibility: Mostly, none. The move would be a huge risk that wouldn't pay off if the show wanted a chance at a second season. Even though it is going to be an anthology series if it returns and have almost an entirely new cast (and a whole new mystery) to solve in  future potential seasons, making the murderer someone that's rarely been seen would only work if it was used as a tactic to lure the real killer out.  

What are your thoughts about who killed Tom? Comment below with your predictions! 

Secrets and Lies airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.