Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has been receiving a lot of heat after her friend and co-star Kim Richards was arrested in Beverly Hills earlier this month.

Why Is Brandi Glanville Getting Twitter Hate Over Kim Richards' Arrest?

Since Richards' relapse, a lot of fans having been blaming Glanville for Richards' downfall and they're attributing the reality star's arrest to her friendship with Glanville.

According to Us Weekly, during Richards' interview with Dr. Phil following her arrest, her son Chad Davis joined his mom for the intervention and he says that Glanville is a bad influence.

Is Bravo Going To Fire Kim Richards From 'RHOBH?'

When asked about his mom's relationship with her RHOBH co-star, Chad responded, "She's toxic."

Chad isn't the only one blaming Glanville for Richards' drinking problem. Since the troubling news surfaced, many fans took to Twitter to blame Glanville for Richards' downfall, claiming that the reality star is toxic for Richards and they believe she is responsible for her drinking problem.

While some bashed her for being toxic, others called her a fake friend and claimed that Richards probably wouldn't be drinking if she weren't friends with Glanville.

Sadly it's been reported that Richards may be getting the boot from Bravo execs due to her ongoing drinking issues and according to some sources, Glanville may not be returning either.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been picked up for another season and as of now, it's unsure which cast mates will be returning.