As a testament to her unorthodox YouTube video tutorials on how girls can transform themselves into "living dolls," 15-year-old Venus Palermo has become an internet sensation. Hailing from Brixton in Southwest London, the school girl is currently living as a doll.

Palermo's "How To" videos have now garnered 30 million plus views worldwide, which includes a "How To Look Like A Doll" clip that is nearing 5 million in hits.

In a recent Polish TV interview, the young teen and her mother, Margaret Palermo, both stress that Venus is still a normal girl despite her choosing to dress similar to a doll.

"And this is my real voice! Dolls don't talk so how would I know what a doll sounds like?" Venus stated.

Although her YouTube clips have gotten an overwhelming amount of views, many of the watchers have taken to the comment boards in a harsh fashion, as one user criticized the young girl with the following response:

"You look and sound like a complete freak. You're 15 - you don't need make-up! You should get some counseling. You had no father in your life and your mum obviously treated you like a doll as you're all she had. You shouldn't post videos on here encouraging normal kids to you WEIRD and unnatural ways."

Another YouTube viewer was equally unimpressed with Venus' doll-esque appearance.

"Seeing young girls changing themselves and not loving their body or face and still doing nothing, this is narrow-minded my friend."

While the living doll appearance has seemingly gone global, it's actually been considered a trend in Asia for quite some time now. In 2010, it was reported that there was an increasing amount of Japanese women who wanted to appear as a doll, according to Daily Mail. However, many have voiced their concern that the craze may promote the sexualisation of children.