The movie starring Anna Kendrick brought in solid audiences at 3,427 locations and around $22 million.

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On Friday, Pitch Perfect 2 debuted in theaters and it's success is head-to-head with the Mad Max: Fury Road movie that was released the same day.

According to Variety, its numbers were so high that it was enough to dethrone Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Fury Road was close behind Pitch Perfect 2 as it brought in $20 million this weekend.

Pitch Perfect 2 scored 69% "fresh" on the Rotten Tomatoes scale and comes three years after the original debuted with $115 million worldwide.

The sequel carries a $29 million pricetag.

In Germany, the movie made $1.5 million on the opening day which is up 229% from the original movie.

In Australia, the release was down only 37% and in New Zealand it was down only 39%.

One of the most noteable parts of the sequel was the song Flashlight which is expected to be the new Cups.

"The original musical draft was the same, but the lyrics were quite dark, but the lyric 'Flashlight' was always there, and I always liked that it was kind of a simple, sweet notion-it felt appropriate for the age group and that kind of friendship," said Jason Moore who directed the first movie and produced the sequel.

When asked if a threequel would be in the works and if it would have its own song as well, Moore said: "It's too early to tell, but who knows? 'Flashlight' felt like a natural part of the story. Maybe there's a new way that we try and integrate a new kind of song, if there's another opportunity to do so."