Dr. Jeffrey H. Spiegel is a world-leading practitioner of facial feminization surgery, and now he is giving his outlook on Bruce Jenner's transition.

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On Saturday, The Daily Beast allowed Spiegel to write an op-ed that gave some medical insight to the process Jenner will undergo now that he has revealed that he is transgender.

Jenner is apparently going through facial feminization surgery which is "a collection of surgical procedures that help change a masculine appearing face to a feminine face."

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While Spiegel has not worked with Jenner personally, he does see some things that can be done to improve his transition physically.

"Like you, I only know what I read in the magazines and online about what he may have had done (note: Bruce Jenner has requested to be addressed with male pronouns at the current time). However, there are clearly more things that could be done to achieve a feminine appearance for Bruce," Spiegel wrote.

Spiegel revealed what he looks for when evaluation whether a person is a candidate for the surgery and what they would need to have done.

"When I evaluate a person for femininity I look at the bone structure (e.g. the shape of the forehead, the size and width of the jaw, the shape of the cheeks), the eyebrow position, the hairline position and length of the forehead, the skin quality, the length of the lip (how long is the distance between the bottom of the nose and the red part of the upper lip), the fullness of the lips, and the size of the Adam's apple."

It looks like he thinks the work Jenner has already had done isn't the best of the best.

"When I look at Bruce Jenner, I can see that some of these areas have been adjusted and some have not. Some of the areas where he likely had surgery could possibly be revised and improved. However, there are certain things that can limit how far we can go with surgery and I simply cannot state without an in-person evaluation whether or not there's room for improvement. Oftentimes there is, but not always," he wrote.

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