They came very close to becoming the winners of The Amazing Race season 26, but blind date couple Jenny and Jelani admit that their failure to take selfies throughout the race is what likely bumped them down to second place.

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"Tyler, throughout the race, we called him the King of Selfies because he was so good about taking selfies everywhere. Like, in the middle of challenges, he would just pause and take a selfie. Jelani and I didn't do that," Jenny told TV Guide in a post-race interview. " I think the only times we took selfies were in airports and taxis. When we felt like we had actual time to take selfies. For us, that was difficult because most of our photos were just in an airport."

"That messed us up. We were like, 'Which airport was this?" We were trying to figure it out based on the clothes we were wearing," she continued. "We couldn't figure it out based on the background like Tyler and Laura could. That slowed us down. They encourages us to take selfies during every leg. We definitely tried to do that, but they were just all at airports and stuff like that. That came back to bite us. We sucked at taking selfies. We knew the last challenge tests your memory. I had a diary and I would write down every single location and I would memorize everything, which is why unlocking the locker was easy for us. We just didn't ascertain that the photos were going to be a huge part of it."

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And of course, they also acknowledged how their relationship has played out since the race--saying that while the blind date twist was fun, they don't think the race was really a great place to make a love connection.

"The Amazing Race isn't an ideal format to find love or whatever," Jelani said. "We both went in there and our first focus was to try and win. Everything else was secondary."

"I completely agree. We didn't meet at the start like, 'Hey, you ready to hook up?' It was, 'Hey, you ready to race?'" Jenny added. "It was like, 'Let's be a team. Let's be partners. Let's get through this one leg at a time.' And through that you form a friendship that I think is much more interesting on a deeper level than if it were just about a blind date and finding love."