A vet technician's 10-year-old dog lost both of his eyes to glaucoma, but it wasn't long before her two younger dogs stepped up as her seeing eye dogs.

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On Friday, The Huffington Post reported that Jessica VanHusen owns Akita as well as the two pups who are now helping her to navigate.

The veterinary ophthalmologist who operated on Kiaya said her two dogs are greatly increasing her quality of life.

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"Her brothers are pretty amazing at the way they help to guide her around," said Gwen Sila. "Each of them will stand on either side of her so she doesn't bump into anything and lead her around the yard."

But nudging her in the right direction isn't the only thing these two are doing.

"Cass always allows Kiaya to get to her food dish first and waits for her to start eating," VanHusen said. "When I take them in the car, he leans against her to keep her steady because she sometimes gets a little off-kilter. He also loves to groom her."

Vanhusen is hoping that her dog's story is going to prove that caring for a special needs pet can be a wonderful thing.

"They're an inspiration to everyone," VanHusen said. "I hope others will see them and realize that a special needs pet deserves a chance. It takes a little effort, but it's absolutely worth it."