Kate Middleton and Prince William are settling down in their country home, but it looks like even having two kids under three isn't enough to keep Middleton busy. 

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On Sunday, The Daily Mail reported that the Duchess of Cambridge wrote her local Women's Institute to ask if she could join.

The branch only has 14 members and meets once a month. The president of the chapter, Dorothy Pulsford-Harris broke the news that Middleton responsed to a letter via another letter accepting the invitation to join.

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"I had a very nice letter back from her private secretary saying she was interested. We would be delighted to see her," Harris said.

It is Royal tradition to join the WI as the Queen became a member in 1943 and is now the president of her branch having taken over the role from the Queen Mother.

The Queen reportedly attends one meeting each year that features a celebrity guest speaker.

If Middleton does join the Institute, she would be showing a sign of wishing to live a Royal middle-class lifestyle.

"The speakers include people with interesting jobs like the local paramedics who go round on their bicycles, and people from local charities, particularly mental health charities. There are also outings and we have a meeting once a year when we go to a member's home in the evening for a garden party - hopefully when it is not raining," Harris said.

The chairman of the National Federation of Women's Institutes, Janice Langley, said of the occurrence:

"We would be delighted to welcome the Duchess of Cambridge. The WI has a long tradition of Royal members. The WI is made up of all kinds of women, of all different backgrounds and ages, which is what makes it so special."