News recently broke that Josh Duggar sexually molested five younger girls when he was a teenager -- now the police are getting rid of the record.

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On Saturday, MSN reported that the investigation records tied to Duggar's alleged sexual molestation have been destroyed by the Arkansas police.

Scott Lewis, a Springdale Police Spokesman, told the publication that Judge Stacey Zimmerman ordered for the report to be destroyed.

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"The judge ordered us yesterday to expunge that record," Lewis said. "As far as the Springdale Police Department is concerned this report doesn't exist."

After the reports surfaced this week, Duggar resigned from his position with the Family Research Council. The reports say that the reality TV star sexually molested five girls as far back as 2002 when he was 14-years-old.

Apparently, parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar reported their son to the police after the incidents but no charges were filed. It's rumored that some of the five girls may have been his younger sisters.

Springdale Police reportedly began investigating the claims in 2006 when they were notified of a letter that included the allegations. The letter was allegedly found in a book lent by a family friend to someone else.

After the reports came out, Duggar released a statement in which he admitted to the accusations.

"Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends," he said. "I confessed this to my parents who took several steps to help me address the situation. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling. I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life."