Apparently a selfie was more important than one woman's safety when she put a loaded gun to her head to take a pic.

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On Thursday, reported that a 21-year-old Russian woman pointed a 9mm handgun at her head and accidently pulled the trigger instead of hitting the button to take a picture on her phone.

The gun went off and passed through her head and has now left her in serious condition, according to the report.

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She was apparently in her office when she found the gun that was left behind by a security guard before he left for vacation.

According to the news report, this isn't the first tragic accident that resulted from someone attempting to take a selfie.

Last August, a 21-year-old Mexican man reportedly died while taking another gun-toting selfie.

CNET also remembered other accidents that resulted from an obsession with technology.

Apparently people have fallen into Lake Michigan while texting and even driven into lakes while texting and driving.

AT&T also reportedly surveyed people just to find out that 17 percent of people have admitted to taking selfies or other photos while driving.

Just last Friday a Singapore man fell of a cliff in Bali when he lost his balance while taking a selfie near the edge.