It appears that Robert Pattinson's girlfriend is angry with his former Twilight lover.

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On Tuesday, OK! Magazine reported that FKA Twigs, the actor's current love, is apparently not happy with Kristen Stewart based on something she said in a recent interview. While speaking to Harper's Bazaar, Stewart reminisced on her love scenes in the Twilight film, something she experienced with Pattinson while they were dating. The actress described these scenes as "grotesquely uncomfortable," and according to OK!, this made Twigs furious.

"She sent a message to Kristen to 'shut the f--k up' about Robert because she lost the right to speak about him in public the moment she got in the car with Rupert Sanders," a source said. "It was pretty brutal."

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Sanders is the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, which Stewart starred in. When this film was making its way to theaters, it led into a massive scandal on what the status was of the director's relationship with the actress while she was dating Pattinson. It was reported that Stewart supposedly cheated on her boyfriend with Sanders.

Twigs is now reportedly "Rob's fiercest defender" ever since her boyfriend became a massive target in the media during that ordeal.

"It will be a very long time before Kristen talks about Rob again in public," the source said.

Stewart and Pattinson ended their relationship in 2012 and their connection still manage to remain big hits in the public.