Presidential Polls 2012: Obama vs Romney, Battleground States Crucial In Final Days

The campaign teams for both President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney continue to project the utmost of confidence in their respective candidates as the race to a seat in the White House still remains strikingly close.  Nonetheless, the final results of the Nov. 6 election will lie heavily on the outcome amid the key battleground states. 

According to an NBC News, there are seven states which accompany 89 electoral votes that are considered clear-cut toss-ups for the two presidential candidates.  Those states are Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire. 

Virginia has been one of the most highly contested battleground states as Obama used it as one of his focal point on his 2008 campaign trail and is doing so again in 2012.  Since the state has one of the earliest closing times amongst the polls on Tuesday, it could serve as an indicator of election trends.

Other states that have been called  into question include Nevada and North Carolina.  However, recent surveys have indicated that Nevada is slightly favoring Obama while North Carolina barely leans toward Romney.

Both the President and former Governor of Massachusetts spent their Saturday campaigning amid the battleground states with the hopes of locking down the approvals of undecided voters. 

David Plouffe, a White House advisor who managed Obama's 2008 presidential run made an appearance on "Meet the Press" and spoke about the confidence he had in the President being re-elected to the White House. 

"I'm very confident that, two days out from Election Day, the president's going to be re-elected on Tuesday night.  All these states right now, we think the president's in a good position to win," he said.

On the other hand, the Romney camp is saying that its Sunday itinerary that took the presidential hopeful and his running mate Paul Ryan to Minnesota, was an indicator of its increasing national momentum.  However, the Democrats feel that the trip is a sign of troubles because the Republican nominee is looking for new opportunities to reach the 270 electoral votes needed for an election. 

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