Erica Mena has walked away from VH1’s Love & Hip Hop New York amid her engagement to actor Bow Wow (real name Shad Moss); but she still has lots to say about her co-stars and even some of the producers.

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Bianca Bee caught up with Mena, who is set to become Mrs. Moss later this month, and dished on what she thinks is a cardinal rule for reality television.

“Reality TV code? You know what I have a lot of people this past season that lied on me…I think that’s the weakest thing ever.”

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But she didn’t stop there and went on to call out the producers for their part in stirring up drama on the series.

“I think it’s more for the producers. You can’t feed people these made up, fabricated stories just so a cast member can have a story line.”

She was most likely talking about newcomer Chrissy Monroe who made claims that she knew Mena back in the day. She even said Mena used to work for her as an escort. While Mena is no longer on the show, she has still found a way to clap back at her co-stars whenever asked about them. She recently told HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning  that she and Bow Wow were offered a chance to air their wedding live on VH1. They turned it down because the network didn't want to pay enough and Mena did not want her wedding not to be taken seriously. So Yandy & Mendeecees Harris took the slot. Their ceremony aired live last month.Apparently she believes everyone agrees with her take on the televised wedding.

Mena recently spoke out about it and tweeted, "My answer and exact reason on why we turned down the offer sure seems to be the exact opinion of these blogs according to these headlines."