Candy Crowley Slip: Calls Republican Nominee "President Romney" [VIDEO]

Presidential debate moderator and current news anchor of CNN's "State of the Union" slipped up on national television on Nov. 4 when she accidentally gave Republican candidate Mitt Romney the moniker of "President Romney" during an on-air interview with a Republican senator of Ohio Rob Portman.

"What we had on Friday was a jobs report showing strengthening in the number of hires, we have an increase in consumer confidence. You have in Ohio a jobless rate that is better than the nationwide jobless rate. And you have an auto bailout that the president put in place that's highly popular. What is it in this state that makes you think that President Romney, uh sorry, Governor Romney can overcome those particular statistics and the feel of the voters?" she said.

Prior to answering the query, Senator Portman took a moment to acknowledge Crowley's television mishap.

"I like your Freudian slip on 'President Romney.' That sounded good," he said.

The news anchor had made the news in October when she was the moderator of the second presidential debate between the current president and Republican. During the political showdown, she had fact-checked Romney in the midst of an exchange in regards to the attacks on the United States consulate in Libya.

During that night, the former Governor of Massachusetts claimed that it took the President two weeks to depict the attack on Libya as a terrorist act. However, Crowley had responded to Romney's accusation in defense of Obama saying that he "did in fact" call it an act of terror during the Rose Garden speech.

According to a CBS News statement, conservatives heavily criticized Crowley for what they felt was bias. One of the groups calling themselves the Americans for a Limited Government, even derided the anchor's actions as "despicable" and demanded that she be terminated.

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