Julianna Margulies graces the cover of this month's Net-A-Porter and she looks ultra chic like her character, Alicia in The Good Wife.

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In the story, Margulies talked about her experience playing the stunning lawyer and what she thinks of Alicia. The actress revealed that audiences really liked Alicia, despite the fact that she had her own share of follies. "Women love Alicia," she said. "She was an underdog. She was in a sink-or-swim situation, and she swam. People love a flawed character they can relate to."

Margulies went on to talk about how "messed up" Alicia was, and she hopes she got help.

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"Oh, she's messed up!" Margulies said. "I tell the writers, 'Seriously, she needs to be in therapy. She hasn't gotten laid for a year and a half, the situation at home with her husband is so complicated, her children are leaving the nest, she has her own business and she's completely overwhelmed.' And the writers are always like, 'Well, she'll work it out!' To be honest, when would she have time to see a shrink anyway?"

Season 7 of The Good Wife will premiere on October 4 at 9 p.m.

The season 6 finale, entitled 'Wanna Partner?' aired on CBS on May 10.

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