It seems like the rumors of Kristen Stewart dating a woman might be true after all.

Were Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Planning To Live Together?

On Saturday, Mirror mentioned that the actress's mother made it clear that her daughter was indeed dating her assistant Alicia Cargile. Speaking to Sunday Mirror, Jules Stewart opened up on her daughter's romance saying that she's glad that Kristen found someone to be with.

"What's not to be accepting about her now having a girlfriend? She's happy," the Twilight star's mom said. "She's my daughter, I'm just her mom so she knows I would accept her choices."

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Cargile is apparently a great choice for Kristen since the two apparently really like each other.

"I've met Kristen's new girlfriend, I like her," Jules said. "What's not to accept? She's a lovely girl."

While some may be skeptical of what Kristen's sexual orientation is at this point since she's known for her infamous relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, it appears that the actress just likes whoever she likes.

"I feel like people need to be free to love whoever they want," Jules said. "I accept my daughter loves women and men. It's okay to be who you are in my world. We all choose our friends so we should be free to choose our lovers."

"People are good to do whatever they like as long as they're not hurting people or breaking the law," she continued. "I have gay friends, family members, I'm accepting of people, we are all free to choose who we want to love."