He's shot down the endless rumors he was taking over the role of Indiana Jones from Harrison Ford in the upcoming Indiana Jones 5, but more signs continue to point towards Chris Pratt being the next actor to don the legendary Fedora.

Is Chris Pratt Replacing Harrison Ford?

The actor made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the lead-up to his newest blockbuster success, Jurassic World, opening in theaters, where the late-night host tried to get him to confirm the rumors, to which Pratt seemed flustered when it came to a response.

"Interesting...I don't remember going over that....I don't know, that's....this movies is...to get to your question, Jurassic World opens on June 12," Pratt stammered.

Harrison Ford Officially Being Replaced For 'Indiana Jones 5'

After Kimmel then teased he didn't have to answer the question, Pratt backtracked and hinted he hasn't heard, though he admitted he could have missed a phone call that gave him an offer.

"Well, I have no answer to it, I don't know," he said. "I mean, no one has....I missed a phone call the other day, unknown number. I hope it wasn't him."

And though Pratt may not be officially confirmed to be taking on the role, there could be a bigger chance he gets it thanks to World's opening weekend success at the box office, according to Entertainment Weekly.

According to the magazine, the rumors about Pratt taking over the role may have more credence now, noting how his slow burn to success has exploded in the past year. Not only did he wrap up his role on Parks and Recreation, but he has also seen wild success with Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie as well. Now, with his clearly catching Steven Spielberg's (the director helms both World and the Jones franchises), eye--he could be on the top of the short list for the highly-anticipated sequel.