'Big Brother 17' News: Vanessa Making Power Moves As Jace Hurls Insults At Steve On Live Feeds


After a rough start in the game, one Big Brother 17 player is starting to work her magic.

Audrey's Closest Allies Turn Against Her on 'Big Brother'

Head of Household: James Huling

Nominees: Jace Agolli and Jackie Ibarra

Other houseguests: Audrey Middleton, Austin Matelson, Becky Burgess, Clay Honeycutt, Da'Vonne Rogers, Jason Roy, Jeff Weldon, John McGuire, Liz Nolan, Meg Maley, Shelli Poole, Steve Moses and Vanessa Rousso

Audrey Making Everyone Paranoid On 'Big Brother 17'

Vanessa is starting to work her way into a power position, as seen Tuesday on the live feeds. The professional poker player was an emotional wreck on the first night and hinted that she might want to quit the game, but now she's wheeling and dealing and ready to make some moves.

The house has mostly ostracized Audrey for being a conniving liar who sells out her friends at pretty much any opportunity. Having said that, Vanessa approached Audrey about a secret alliance in the hope of taking down Audrey's original alliance of eight, which also consisted of Clay, Da'Vonne, James, Jason, Jeff Meg and Shelli.

Vanessa seems to be aligned with Austin (despite his fellow "bro" Jace being the target for eviction) and she is trying to turn the house around to evict Jackie instead. However, people have mostly resigned to getting Jace out.

It's looking like Vanessa is integrating in the group better, which will only benefit her game with bigger fish to fry.

Meanwhile, Jace is digging his own grave as he essentially bullied Steve and told him he was the next target and that everyone makes fun of him behind his back. He then told Steve that he would have to vote for him to stay if he didn't want to become the next target.

Most people still want Audrey out next week but it's looking like she's slowly getting some numbers back. The Head of Household competition will be more important than ever.

For now, here is a helpful alliance chart as of Tuesday night. Bear in mind that with this group, this could all be outdated by tonight.


Big Brother 17 airs another episode tonight (Wednesday) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. The episode will comprise of the Power of Veto competition and the Veto ceremony.

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