Bobby Shmurda Jail Sentence: 50 Cent Bashes Record Label Vice President Again, Did Rapper 'Dirty' [VIDEO]

Rapper 50 Cent has criticized the executive vice president of Epic Records yet again regarding Bobby Shmurda's time behind bars.

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On Monday, Cent took to Twitter to say that Sha Money XL of Epic Records did Shmurda "dirty" for not helping him out of jail, and he is not happy about that.

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In a report last week from Hip Hop DX, the rapper also happened to discuss his thoughts on Sha Money as random gunshots apparently exploded during his statement.

"I ain't like Sha Money," Cent said. "Sha Money got Bobby Shmurda still in the joint (pow pow pow). The left the n---as in the jailhouse (pow). The whole GS9."

Shmurda is currently facing a number of charges that reportedly include drugs and conspiracy to commit murder. In a previous story from BET, Shmurda's attorney, Kenneth Montgomery, opened up on how there is not much that anyone can do at this point even though his client has gained a lot of popularity.

"Culturally, he's had a big impact on the scene. He has an attachment to the street and people are enthused by that," Montgomery said. "We got to extinguish the effects of him on the culture and what you are expecting these people to do. Unless you have financial property in the sum of the $2 million (Shmurda's bail amount), there's really nothing you can do. You can give moral support."

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