Bobby Shmurda Jail Sentence: Rapper Says He's 'Innocent,' Is there Going To Be A Movie Based On His Life? [VIDEO]

Bobby Shmurda is still in jail on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, and it seems like the rapper is confident that he'll be set free.

Bogus Story Says Bobby Shmurda Was Murdered In Jail?

On Monday, Vibe posted the news from Shmurda's profile on New York Magazine. The rapper has come from a rough past with being arrested before and now he's claiming that he'll have something to say when his trial comes up.

"I'm innocent," he said. "I'll explain it to all of them. I'm just a young black kid coming from a nasty neighborhood. I made it out, and a lot of people don't want to see that."

Bobby Shmurda's Lawyer Speaks Up On Trial

Shmurda also talked about how he worked with the label Epic Records- it appears that in his perspective, if he had worked for a different label, then perhaps, things would've been different somehow.

"Epic is telling me it's not because of them it's 'cause of Sony," he said. "But I don't know. I felt like if I'd have signed with Rick Ross or signed to 50 Cent, they'd have come and got me. They'd understand me more."

Shmurda is also apparently receiving some interesting offers as he remains in jail on a $2 million bail.

"I get letters in here from people with clothing lines, they telling me when I come out they've got a bunch of clothes for me," he said. "Yesterday I got a letter from a movie director. He said he wanted to shoot a movie of my life."

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