Human Barbie Fake? V Magazine Defends Valeria Lukyanova: 'Very Much Real'


V Magazine defended Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the human Barbie, saying she is "very much real" in her resemblance to the children's doll, even if a slew of reports believe plastic surgery and PhotoShop are responsible for the transformation. posted a story earlier this month entitled "The World Deserves To Know Valerie Lukyanova Is A Fraud," claiming that all of her photos have been manipulated to make her appear more like Barbie. They even brought in contrasts between Lukyanova's photos and videos to try to prove their point.

"Her videos aren't photoshopped. Does she still look the same?" the website stated "... As you can see from them, she looks nothing like she does when she photoshops her photos."

However, laying the rumors to rest, V Magazine flew Lukyanova all the way from her home country of Ukraine to New York for an interview and photo shoot. They said the following in their story:

"The truth is that Valeria is very much real, as brought to our attention by a Ukrainian contact who prefers to remain anonymous... We brought this viral phenom to New York City, entranced by her unnaturally thin waist, dramatic curves, and trendy, new age sense of style, which often includes pastel spaghetti-strap crop tops, navel piercings, and bindis."

Lukyanova began as an internation sensation in 2012 when she posted photos of herself looking like Barbie and Youtube tutorial videos of her putting on her makeup. Her Facebook fan page includes photos from her V magazine shot as well as other images of the Ukranian star.

Some experts believe that Lukyanova's appearance is just due to layers of makeup. 

"Judging from the available photos and especially from the video of the makeup transformation, most likely Lukyanova has not had any significant plastic surgery on her face," Dr. Boris Ackerman, a California-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, told Yahoo! Shine.

"She might have had some lip injections, but the remarkable Barbie like appearance of her face is due to theatrical make up application and facial muscle training to achieve the 'Barbie' appearance."  

Lukyanova told V she does not take the criticism to heart, saying that if she seems unreal to people, that it means she is doing "a good job."

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