'Orphan Black' Season 4 News: Tatiana Maslany Reacts To First Emmy Nomination [VIDEO]

Tatiana Maslany has finally been nominated for an Emmy for playing the part of Sarah and her many clone sisters in Orphan Black.

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There had been an uproar among fans and critics alike last year when Maslany was snubbed by the prestigious Television Academy. Now that the actress' work has finally been acknowledged by the Emmy voters, fans are beside themselves with joy. Maslany reacted to the nomination and revealed that it came as something of a surprise to her.

Variety got the actress to respond to this career highlight. "I didn't even expect it at all," Maslany said. "It's super nice, and it feels like a nice thing for the show to get that kind of recognition, and for the fans - they've been so supportive and protective of us; it feels like a communal thing."

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The actress also addressed the celebrity fans including the likes of Amy Schumer who responded to her nomination with celebratory relief on Twitter.

"It's crazy," she said. "That's why I feel it's not for me this nomination happened; it's for our fans, because they're the ones who are fighting for people to watch the show and have championed it in such a huge way. I feel so supported and so loved. It's totally crazy to me that anyone cares if I get a nomination - it's pretty wild."

Maslany also spoke about her experience playing the newest clone, the blond makeup artist Krystal, in season 3. Of what Maslany suggests, it seems like Krystal is here to stay:

"It was really scary to introduce Krystal, the new clone we saw in episode eight, but I loved her so much - she was one of my highlights from last season, for sure. I would never be cast as her on any other show; only on 'Orphan Black' would I get to play the blonde manicurist, so it was super fun to get to do that. Jordan [Gavaris] and I had a real challenge in that scene because he was playing double layers of things and I was playing double layers of things, so it was a really rich scene to get to play together, and he and I have so much fun working together and so much trust and respect for each other, so more so than work, it was play."

The finale of season 3 aired on June 20.

Watch a preview of the finale:

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