'Orphan Black' Season 4 Spoilers: Next Chapter To Be 'A Reset,' Have 'A Feel' Of Season 1 [VIDEO]

The showrunners of Orphan Black have dropped some pretty crucial hints about season 4 of the show at the recently held Comic-Con.

Crystal Will Play More Substantial Role In Season 4

In an interview with TVLine co-creator John Fawcett suggested that there might be good news for fans whose favorite season of the series was the first one.

Fawcett suggested that they might be rewinding back to the start some as he said that season 4 will be "a little bit of a reset." He went on to reaffirm that it will hearken to season 1. "We want Season 4 to have a little bit of a feel of Season 1 again," Fawcett said.

Delphine Could Be Alive, Return For Season 4?  

This would be very interesting to watch as the show has veered pretty far away from the direction it started in with the first chapter. The plot has also gotten to be very complex and keeping up has only gotten more difficult, so it would be quite refreshing if some of the clean, not-as-entangled, storyline treatment from season 1 could be brought back.

In other revelations at the event, Paul Dierden's death was confirmed, and the actor Dylan Bruce told TVLine that his appearance with the crew at Comic-Con was him just saying goodbye. "This is kind of my farewell tour," he said.

The finale of season 3 aired on June 20.

Watch a preview of the finale:

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