Demi Lovato received new tweets and not from a social media website.

The "X Factor" judge treated herself to a new "sleeve" - an arm full of bird tattoos created by celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D. Lovato shared a picture of herself standing with the rreality star on Twitter.

"Thank you so much @thekatvond for my new ink!!" Lovato wrote. "I think it's beautiful and I love it!... Here ya go," she captioned the first photo.

Lovato offered another picture to her followers with the caption "And another picture of my newbirdies." The massive ink job features 12 flying birds down her forearm with the word "faith" written out in cursive script. 

Kat Von D shared the same excitement because she also showed off her work. The "L.A. Ink" star posted an image of Lovato's new tattoo she had just created and tweeted, "Sweet little birds I tattooed today #tattootime."

Lovato has other meaningful tattoos, including the words "stay" and "strong" tattooed on her wrists as well as "Let go" and "Let God" on her feet.

In the past, Lovato didn't embrace her body as much as she would have liked. She lacked confidence and had body issues, which was a result of being bullied as a child.

"It played more of a toll on me than if I was physically abused in school," the 20-year-old singer told Katie Couric. "I've always said I wished that they had just hit me in the face and gotten it over with, because what they said to me sticks to me to this day."

E! Online reported that the experience led Lovato to become new ambassador for Secret deodorant's "Mean Stinks" anti-bullying campaign, which encourages girls to "gang up for good."

Kat Von D announced a split from Deadmau5 earlier this month. The former mistress of Sandra Bullock's ex-husband, Jesse James, announced her break-up from the popular DJ on Twitter.

"Man..I can't say I didn't give it my best," she tweeted on Saturday, Nov.10. "Man, I sure was wrong. But at least he made it a no brainer to break that off. #lessonlearned."

"Now, we can get all of the "I told you so's" outta the way...And move on," she later tweeted. In case her followers were unclear, she made it explicitly clear in her final tweet about the breakup: "Clarification: Deadmau5 and I are no longer together."