'Falling Skies' Season 5 Spoilers: Pope Has 'Chosen A Path', Is Redemption In The Cards? [VIDEO]

Falling Skies' John Pope is in a bad place, and the rouge's won't damp down his insanity anytime soon.

Always a wild card, the ex-con officially went off the rails in "Pope Breaks Bad" before taking his little mental breakdown on the road. With Hal (Drew Roy) in toe, Pope (Colin Cunningham) plotted his (unsuccessful) revenge against Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) while killing off anyone who could possible become a liability to his lean mean skitter killing machine.

Took a bullet to the face, but it seems his reign of terror will live on jut a bit longer.

"I will say he's chosen a path, and he's taking the brakes off," Cunningham informed HitFix. "It will end, but he won't be opening a deli."

Cunningham's ominous statements seem to serve as a prognostication of the antagonist's immanent death, but the actor stopped short of reading Pope's obituary. He did, however, comment on whether or not his alleged death scene would be spectacular enough for a character that seems to be composed of fireworks.

"Spectacular" is an interesting word," Pope teased. "Although I will say, we all thought [our characters] were gonna die. So we'd go, "Oh, I wanna die this way!"

Are you cheering for Pope's death, or do you want him to find some modicum of happiness in a post-war world? Sound off in the comments below!

Falling Skies airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TNT. See a preview for the series' next episode below.

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