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Tornado Survivor Killed by Dog; 5-Year-Old Fatally Attacked in Arkansas Following Oklahoma Devastation

A 5-year-old boy whose family home was destroyed by the Oklahoma tornado survivied the natural disaster but fell prey to the attack of a dog that killed him on Sunday at a house where he is staying. The child and his 2-year-old sister were sent to live with family friends in Little Rock, Ark., according to Sky News. Their parents remained in Moore to rebuild their home, ruined in late May when the tornado tore through the Oklahoma City suburb. A bullmastiff living in the home with them attacked the boy and killed him, police told KARK-TV.

Fire Tornado Australia Video: Filmmaker Captures Tornado Igniting In Flames

Chris Tangey caught a rare sight see on his camera in Curtin Springs, Australia on Tuesday, a fire tornado. After noticing a twister and a nearby torched patch of land, the filmmaker made the decision to take out his video recorder and captured the natural disaster reaching the flames and igniting. The footage shows the dangerous flame-ridden tornado rummaging through the Australian outback brush.
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