Carrie Underwood has finally spoken up about the devastating tornadoes that tore central Tennessee on Tuesday morning. The country singer described how the twisters have left a lot of properties in chaos and at least 25 people dead. 

Underwood and her family have become victims of the devastating tornadoes, too. In her appearance on the Today show on Tuesday, the 36-year-old singer-actress spoke of the scary experience her family had to go through to survive the natural disaster.

Carrie did confim that she and NHL player husband Mike Fisher, along with their two sons five-year-old Isaiah and 13-month old Jacob, are all safe and sound. 

"I texted the people I know, and I kept on asking my husband if everyone we knew were good," Underwood shared. 

"He woke up in the middle of the night and told me that he had to grab the boys and take them to the little safe room in our house."

Carrie then went on to admit she was sure how scared people were at that time. "I bet everybody was crying. It's 2 a.m. and I was freaking out, so it was scary," she said.

According to the report released by The Washington Post, the tornadoes left a trail of destruction. In Nashville alone, at least 48 buildings reportedly collapsed in the wake of the tornadoes. The Nashville Fire Department said that businesses, schools and a popular concert venue were all reduced to rubbles in the aftermath.  

Other country stars, including Kacey Musgraves, Dierks Bentley and Marren Morris, have all marked themselves safe from the tornadoes. They also shared their experience through social media, encouraging their fans to help and pray for Nashville. 

"The tornado must have missed out block by an inch because we are alright, but I am so depleted looking at the damage that has happened to our beautiful city," Marren Morris wrote on Instagram. The "My ChurH hitmaker, however, added that there were already people helping in the streets.

On the other hand, Marren's husband Ryan Hurd said that she and his wife are both safe. However, while he revealed their house is fine, their "neighborhood is not." Hurd continued saying that the places they have loved for so many years do not look like they are still there.

"Though we are thankful that we are safe, we are also devastated feeling we have lost so much," Hurd shared on Twitter.

Bentley, meanwhile, shared that his drummer lost his home in the tornadoes. He shared that he landed just in time before the tornado hit the city, saying that had they been an hour late, the landing would have gone differently.

The 44-year-old artist added that a lot of people have lost their homes and a lot are in need. However, he gave a positive message amid the tragedy.

"But no one comes together as a city as #nashville does," Bentley wrote reassuringly. 

A lot of other country artists have expressed their sadness of the devastation that Nashville suffered after the tornado hit the city. Lives were taken and livelihoods were left unaided, but everyone is hopeful that all will be well. Help is on the way and everyone is just resilient. 

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