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Walt Disney's Grandniece Agrees With Meryl Streep: Yes, He Was 'Racist'

The grandniece of Walt Disney agreed with Meryl Streep's criticism of the animation legend being racist, revealing via Facebook on Friday, Jan. 10 that "loved" the actress' remarks. Streep accused Disney of being sexist, racist and a supporter of anti-Semitism in her presentation at a National Board of Review event on Jan. 7. She also dubbed Walt a "gender bigot."

Princess Sofia Controversy: Disney's Sofia NOT Latina Enough? (PREVIEW TRAILER VIDEO)

Disney will debut a normal-girl-turned-princess as the main character in an upcoming Disney Channel television series "Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess" but the speculation about Sofia's race has drawn controversy. When Disney released a picture of the character, it received criticism because Sofia has light brown hair, pale skin and blue eyes. Two Disney representatives previously stated that Sofia was the first Latina Disney princess. It was praised then later met with a mixed response after Disney released the character's image. Many members of the Latino community commented that she look does not look 'Latina enough'.
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