On tonight's Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer and her husband, Jeremy Calvert, aren't getting along, and their issues have led to serious stress for the mother of three.

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As her marriage nears its end, Messer struggles to juggle her parenting duties, and reaches her breaking point with one of her twins, 5-year-old Aleeah Simms.

“I just feel stressed out now,” Messer tells a friend in a sneak peek shared by Us Weekly on Thursday. “I forgot today’s the first day they’ve been back [from Corey’s house]. Maybe it’s the transition from his house to my house. Ali does good, it’s more Gracie.”

Leah Messer Plans To Put Her Daughters On Birth Control When They Turn 13

After deeming her children "out of control," Messer's tension continues to boil, and when Aleeah comes into the room where she is speaking to her friend, she takes action against her.

“Gracie! Get that right now,” Messer instructs her daughter. “I’m not playing. You’re going to pick that up! You’re not going to act like this in front of people. Do you understand? I’ve had enough. I don’t know why you’re acting like this.”

When Aleeah refuses to follow her mother's demands, Messer takes her out of the room where she is heard hitting her repeatedly as her daughter screams.

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