Ramona Singer News 2015: ‘Real Housewives Of New York’ Star Admits She Is Embarrassed To Talk About Her Suicidal Past [VIDEO]


After having quite a rocky year in the headlines with her ex-husband Mario Singer in 2014, Ramona Singer managed to pull the plug on her marriage and hasn't looked back since. The Real Housewives of New York star admits that while she is in a much better place now, she's still ashamed to admit that she did have suicidal thoughts when she realized that her marriage had ended disastrously.

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In a new interview with Fox News on Friday, the blonde bombshell says it was mentally difficult to pick herself up again after realizing that her ex had a secret affair with his mistress, Hamptons socialite Kasey Dexter. At one point Singer admits that she even considered killing herself.

She said, "I'm kind of embarrassed to even talk about it. This was in the fall when I discovered the affair and I was trying to just hide from it and bury it under the rug... It's a crippling feeling. I do take the subway and I remember waiting for the train and being so sad and so forlorn... and thinking I hate my life. It was a passing thought. I wasn't really-- but it was a passing thought, but I know enough about psychology and therapy to know that it [suicidal thoughts] mean you are depressed. I had a thought that maybe I'd be better off dead than alive."

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Singer also explained that she was so heavily medicated on anti-depressants that it was difficult for her to function normally.

The reality star explained, "I would just wake up in the morning with such high anxiety and depression and I just couldn't face the day. I am the kind of woman who [used to] jump out of bed. I went on Lexapro and then they gave me another drug, and that drug did not react well to me and that's when I had asked my ex-husband to leave the apartment because I needed to get my health [in check]. He saw he had pushed me too far."

Singer is currently promoting her latest book, Life on the Ramona Coaster. So far, her ex-husband Mario has not made any public comments about the book or his ex-wife's multiple allegations about his cheating.

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