Jon Stewart is really taking things up a notch with his retirement plans.

USAToday revealed that Stewart will be hosting SummerSlam on August 23 at 7 p.m. E.T. But this is not new territory for the liberal talk show host, who has actually been associated with WWE for quite some time now. Earlier this year he came on the show to take on heavy weight champion Seth Rollins.

This was to honor Rollins challenging Stewart to appear on SummerSlam opposite him when he was a guest on The Daily Show.

Stewart bid The Daily Show farewell earlier this month, and his guests included some of his closest friends and proteges like Larry Wilmore, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert.

A lot of fans are also sorely missing Stewart as he just missed the Republican debates and his commentary on all that ensued would have been devastatingly funny. Trump definitely dodged a bullet with Stewart's early exit.

It was very bittersweet for the host to leave his home turf. "Walking around the building today, nobody was making eye contact," he said of his last day on the show.

The Daily Show will now be hosted by Trevor Noah.

Stewart might just pursue his passion for making films in the time that he has now. He made his directing debut with the film, Rosewater in March last year.

Watch the showdown between Stewart and Rollins: