'Basketball Wives LA' Season 4 Cast: Things Get Heated Between Tami Roman & Mehgan James On Twitter, But Why? [VIDEO]


Mehgan James went from having issues with Draya Michele to going head-to-head with reality TV veteran Tami Roman.

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It looks like their feud started on Twitter when Roman addressed Draya and Maxiell’s beef after Draya said Maxiell’s cancer story line was “boring” for the show. The comment was made after the cast thought the cameras were off.

Roman tweeted that she believes Draya’s comments were taken out of context.

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That’s when James popped back and said she doesn’t believe Draya would have even made the statement if she was aware that a production camera was still rolling.

It’s not exactly clear what happened after that but James fired back at Roman and said that she “sent for her” and would be meeting with her soon offline.

Roman replied and called James “childlike” and said she was not even talking about her but referring only to Draya.

“You inserted yourself #Tampon,” Roman said, referring to one of Malaysia Pargo’s now infamous lines on the show.

Roman then responded to a fan who asked about the newfound feud.

Apparently James didn’t care for Roman making fun of her having club appearances or saying she was "childlike". So she clapped back at Roman’s age before reminding fans that Roman has had a “childish” moment herself in the past.

Roman then said she would be “waiting on Mehgan” before making it clear she was “unbothered”

James added that Basketball Wives in Miami was cancelled, which led to Roman heading over to Basketball Wives LA.

In the end, Roman had the last word but insisted that it wouldn’t be the end of their issues.

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