Breakup rumors continue to swirl for Bow Wow and Erica Mena as he sells the $200,000 BMW she bought him earlier this year. But wait until you find out his reason why.

Rapper Warns Fans ‘Don’t Trust Too Much’ Amid Rumors He Called It Quits With Erica Mena

Bow Wow couldn’t help but brag on his fiancée, Mena, after she surprised him with the brand new luxury car. Still, it looks like the tables have turned for them as he puts it up for sale just months later.

According to TMZ Thursday, it’s because he wants to get a brand new Range Rover Autobiography. While getting a new car is nothing special for the rapper turned actor, it’s pretty ironic that he’s selling what was a gift to him from his future wife amid speculation that they are headed for a split, especially because he was so stoked to receive it in the first place.

What’s Really Going On With Erica Mena & Bow Wow?

After the couple received flack for Mena splurging on such an expensive present, he defended Mena’s choice to buy him the car.

He told Hip Hollywood back in May, “The car is stupid. I was telling him the other day I love it but I don’t like driving it..It do too much. It’s like Tron.”

He went on to point out that Beyonce has done the same for Jay Z in the past.

“That was gangsta. That’s why it’s really special. The only person I can think of that bought a man a car was Beyonce when she bought Hov one. That was the last time. And of course [Jermaine Dupri]. This is the first time I ever had somebody do it for me and I love it. I didn’t have to pay for it so it’s all good…You did this? Oh that’s hard. Y’all gotta step it up.”

The car is on the market for $150,000.