Deadline has latest updates on what might become one of the most anticipated releases of next year.

The entertainment website is reporting that the upcoming Skull Island will be reuniting King Kong and Godzilla. Right now the executives are working on getting the rights for Godzilla to be able to bring the epic pairing to the screen.

Earlier this year, at Comic Con, the buzz for this movie was set off.

Vulture reported that Legendary Pictures ended their panel with a mystery trailer, a trailer that turned out to be related to King Kong in some way.

The trailer featured an island and somebody narrating ominously, and then trailer zoomed in on the island, showing us a giant roaring monster, before the title Skull Island came onto the screen to end the trailer. There was no discussion about the trailer.

Meanwhile, Godzilla 2 is in the works and will hit theaters in 2018. Deadline suggested that even Skull Island will be scheduled for release with the sequel. It is also being rumored that director Gareth Edwards -- who is working on the Star Wars spinoff -- wil be reprising his role for the Godzilla sequel.

Last year, in anticipation of the release of the third Hobbit movie, a showdown between Godzilla and the dragon Smaug was imagined. The outcome wasn't hard to guess, with Godzilla playing victor.

If this works out and the film is pulled off without overload, it could make movie history. Both King Kong and Godzilla unleashing on New York City together will be a beastly delight.