Megyn Kelly News: Fox News Host Slams Lena Dunham’s Interview With Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

According to Megyn Kelly, future Presidential hopefuls shouldn't be discussing Lenny Kravitz's private parts. The Fox News host is slamming a interview that Hollywood actress Lena Dunham did with Hillary Clinton, in which they talked about Lenny Kravitz's costume malfunction during a concert in Sweden this past summer.

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Page Six reports on Wednesday that Kelly slammed the sit-down interview by saying that it was "not really fitting for a presidential candidate."

Dunham had jokingly asked Clinton about the video saying, "Did you see the footage where his pants split? His stuff fell out."

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Clinton shoots back: "Do you think I could get that on YouTube?"'

Kelly made her criticisms during New York Advertising Week by saying, "I don't necessarily think it serves [Clinton] to . . . talk about [Kravitz's] you know. You're still trying to convince people . . . [to] see me as your president . . . It's a tough balance between being relatable and showing a softer side, and still maintaining the dignity of the office that you seek."

So far, Clinton herself has not made any remarks about Kelly's comments, nor has she confirmed whether or not she had actually seen Kravitz's footage.

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