Fans didn't know what to make of Fear The Walking Dead's big focus on the family drama throughout the first five episodes of its premiere season, but now following the show's much more action-packed finale, it may finally have lives up to all the hype surrounding it.

Will The Entire Group Survive?

After episodes which seemed to focus more on the struggles of being a blended family than the impending apocalypse-and being fairly devoid of zombies and real danger-the show finally started to pick up speed in its finale-with the first official zombie horde finally making an appearance, as well as added danger.

What worked in the finale to truly start making the show worthy of its predecessor?

The Group Moves To Get Nick & Griselda Back


Travis Finally Clued In To The Fact That Humanity Hardly Existed


It took until his final good deed of letting the captive military man go backfiring on him for Travis to finally realize that humanity may be beyond saving at this point-and things aren't going to get better. After Ofelia (Mercedes Masohn) was shot in the process, Travis got in touch with his violent side-beating the man he once spared to death. This change also plays on in Travis later in the episode.


The Danger Became Very Real When Nick and Strand Were Almost Killed By The Horde


Finally, after a season that seemed sluggish and without any real danger, we were given a scene that actually worked to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, as Nick (Frank Dillane) and Strand nearly became victims of a horde of walkers who descended upon them in a dead-end hallway they were locked in. The scene was complete with an emotional goodbye Nick mouthed to his mother Madison (Kim Dickens) before Liza showed up and saved the day with a few dozen swipes of her keycard, unlocking the doors and saving them.



Liza's Death Will Have Repercussions


Unfortunately Liza's moment that saved the day was short-lived, as the final moments of the episode saw her reveal she'd been bitten-and she wanted Madison to do her the favor of killing her, but Travis took charge and made the painful decision to shoot his ex-wife in the head for her-a move that will likely complicate things for both he and his son in the show's second season.