Carmelo Anthony and Lala Divorce? Rumors Emerge of Marital Woes (VIDEO)

Carmelo Anthony and wife Lala could be heading for a divorce, according to new reports out this week.

Various media reports have claimed that the couple are now living apart and facing marital woes.

According to the New York Daily News on Tuesday, Anthony and Lala "have been living apart for at least two months."

News about the alleged marital problems between the 28 year old NBA New York Knicks player and his 33 year old wife have emerged following a bust up on court between Anthony and Boston Celtics player Kevin Garnett in Monday’s game.

The incident saw the two players almost come to blows, and it has been alleged that Garnett said something about Anthony’s wife, Lala. Various reports have claimed that Garnett insulted the Knicks’ player’s wife by saying she “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios.”

The incident has put the spotlight on Anthony and Lala’s marriage. Talk show host Wendy Williams has tweeted, "Lala And Carmelo are divorcing?! WOW! No wonder he was so angry and ready to pop Kev Monday night #WendyWilliams."

"Carmelo and Lala are over? I'm in shock! I have a feeling she messed with Garnett, y else would he say dat?" Chloe Jace tweeted.

"Wait wait wait. LaLa and Melo are getting a divorce?! Noooo. They're my favorite couple!" Jordan Morford tweeted.

Lala has been absent from Anthony’s games recently but was at Madison Square Garden for Monday’s game between the Knicks and the Celtics. She has been a regular face at the Knicks’ games to support her husband in the past, and has often traveled on the road with her husband to remain with him even for away games.

However, if they are having marital woes they have not said anything publicly. Recently, on Dec. 31, Lala tweeted: "Getting ready to shut down Miami TONIGHT. Happy New Year!"

This is not the first time that the New York couple has faced reports of marital woes, and in 2011 it was claimed that Anthony was getting traded to the Knicks because of an alleged love child. One source claims that upon discovering Anthony's alleged secret baby, Lala gave Anthony an ultimatum of marriage or a breakup, according to Celebrity Blogger Terez Owens.

The source reportedly said to Owens, "People don't even know the half of it. Just because her life is in the limelight, Lala thinks Carmelo wouldn't do anything to ruin there image in the public eye … which is not the case. I know for a FACT, he's not faithful ... Melo is a sweet talker."

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