Erica Mena And Bow Wow: Reality Star Talks Rumored Ex On Twitter, Rapper Possibly Wants 'Money' Instead Of 'Love' [VIDEO]

Erica Mena speaks on speculation that she and Bow Wow have split while she continues to support him on social media.

Erica Mena Hints At What Made Her & Bow Wow Reportedly Split Via Instagram

One fan pleaded with Mena to tell her if she and the rapper turned actor are still an item after rumors swirled that they called off their engagement.

They asked, “I am DYING to know if you and Bow are still together???? Thirst blogs and rumors got my head spinning Mena!”

Bow Wow Says ‘I Don’t Want Nobody I Can’t Trust’ As Erica Mena Wears Ring

Mena kept her response simple with, “I know.”

She also had pretty interesting response when a fan asked how she is “enjoying the married life”

But she also didn’t hesitate to let one follower know what her favorite Bow Wow song is.

Meanwhile, Bow Wow seems to be focused on his money rather than love. He posted one picture of himself on Instagram Tuesday holding a wad of money along with the caption, “What would you prefer. The love or the money?”

What would you prefer. The love or the money? Hat by: @ayc Shirt by: @ayc A photo posted by Bow wow (@shadmoss) on Oct 20, 2015 at 4:09pm PDT

Mena and Bow Wow’s relationship made headlines around this time last year after he proposed. While they had only been dating a few weeks (which caused fans to raise their eyebrows a bit), they insisted that they have been friends for roughly 10 years, ever since Mena made an appearance in his hit "Fresh Azimiz" back in 2006. Still, their romance seems to have been a rocky one as they postponed their wedding upon speculation that they broke up. Neither has confirmed or denied a split. Hopefully they’re working things out!

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