Jon Hamm News: Actor Reveals What Don Draper Did After Final Scene In ‘Mad Men’ Finale [VIDEO]

Jon Hamm is finally putting all the theories to rest. The Hollywood star reveals what he thinks happened to his character Don Draper after the much-talked about final scene of the award-winning series, Mad Men.

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According to the Daily Mail, Hamm opened up about the final scene, in which ad genius Don comes up with the memorable Coca-Cola commercial that first aired back in 1972 during a zen-like meditation session.

In an interview with Seth Meyers on Monday, Hamm said Don did what he does best - after being several weeks on the road, he went back to work.

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He revealed, "I'm willing to bet that Don Draper was on a plane the next day back to work and was like 'I got the great idea, let's go.'"

And while the scene was rather controversial for many of the show's die-hard fans, Hamm says that he is pleased with how the last episode ended.

Hamm explained, "I was like, this is the whole set-up of the show, he has to go on this long quest to kind of figure out who he is. His life has fallen apart, which we have seen over the last four or five years, the world is changing around him, all of these things are changing so what is left?'"

He also revealed what he thinks happened to Peggy Olson, played by actress Elisabeth Moss, when she found out that Don is returning back to New York.

Hamm quipped, "She was probably in bed with her cats crawling over her and kinda bummed out that I woke her up."

AMC's Mad Men debuted back in 2007 with its final episode airing back in May. So far, there have been no talks about a possible spin-off series, although there have been rumors that Peggy Olson might have one in the future.

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