Hillary Clinton Video News: WATCH Presidential Candidate Kill It On 'Jimmy Live' [VIDEO]

Presidential candidates on late night shows are nothing new. In fact, it actually seems kind of required. It's a good way to appeal to mainstream voters and seem down to earth and even, dare we say, cool. The trend was started by Bill Clinton way back in the lead up to the 1992 election (remember when he played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall?). So it's kind of poetic that the most candidate to participate in the pop culture ritual is none other than Bill's wife, Hillary Clinton, who's running for the democratic presidential nomination (in case you were living under a rock).

Hillary, who's been facing some surprising stuff competition from Bernie Sanders in the race for the nomination, stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and, well, she slayed it. Even The Washington Post liked her appearance, saying she's "got her groove back."

See for yourself & watch the videos below.

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On Her Busy Daily Campaigning...& The Last She Was Drunk

That Time a White House Operator Hung Up on Her

On Live Tweeting The Republican Debate

On Jeb Bush & Ben Carson

What it Was Like To Attend Donald Trump's Wedding

What Bill's Title Would Be & If She Could Beat Him in an Election

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