Despite the weather cooling down, Jen Selter is still rockin' those bikinis.

Jen Selter Bares Backside While Enjoying Summer Breeze

On Monday, the Instagram fitness model added a new photo to her page where she lies down in the grass in front of a fancy house while wearing a pink swimsuit. She shows off her slender legs and washboard abs with a big smile as her dog Brody can be seen with her. In fact, he looks pretty excited since Selter is holding a little green ball that she's about to toss.

 I said fetch Brody, fetch!

A photo posted by Jennifer Leigh Selter (@jenselter) on Nov 9, 2015 at 3:40pm PST

Selter spends most of her time at the gym keeping up with her fitness. She became mostly known for her thick backside, which apparently came from all the exercise she puts into it. The model posted a video to her social media page the other day where she works on the workout equipment while doing some hopping squats. In the caption, she mentioned that with Monday coming aboard, everyone should work on setting new goals.

Jen Selter Says All Body Types Are 'Cool'

Selter is currently one of the biggest hits on social media with more than seven million followers. Most of her pictures flaunt her bikini body while others show her in tight pants showing off how her motivation.

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