Starring in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black wound up being a very good thing for Ruby Rose, in many ways.

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Rose, who guest starred as Stella Carlin in the third season of Orange Is the New Black, recently revealed that her home country of Australia embraced her after taking the role.

"As soon as I got Orange (Is The New Black), and as soon as America kind of embraced me, I've had this huge resurgence in Australia and I love that and I love people loving me here again, because it's been a tumultuous ride," she told recently.

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The actress/model spoke on how Australia eventually became sick of her considering she was constantly in the media.

"I think people were sick of me and I think that I had done everything in Australia that I could do, like literally I had a clothing brand, a radio show, I hosted my own TV show, there wasn't really anything I wasn't doing," she admitted.

Rose spoke on possibly regretting taking so many opportunities given how exposed she would eventually become.

"I think maybe in that regard I should have done things differently in my career because I was everywhere," Rose said. "But at the same time, when you're getting those opportunities and that's your dream to do that job, it's really hard to say no, so my relationship when I left was like 'oh my god,' they hate me."

But now she has worldwide fame through OITNB, and with less exposure in Australia now, she has received more acceptance.

All three seasons of Orange Is the New Black are available to stream on Netflix.